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Common Geranium Disease's and Disorder's

The target audience of this website is the small to medium size greenhouse manager.

I plan on helping to develop the ability of the grower to:

1. Recall the information in a timely manner.

2. Determine what is causing the problem in the geraniums.

3. Help the manager to find the answer to solving the problem.

4. Actually solve the problem at hand.

5. Be able to recognize the problem early and solve it before it happens again.


Some of the main ideas included in the website are:

1. Common definitions dealing with disease's and disorder's.

2. Common Disease's and Disorder's of Geraniums

3. Common methods of transfer of disease's.

4. Integrated Pest Management strategies (IPM's)

5. Useful websites containing information about common Geranium disease's and disorder's.


This topic is of particular interest to me since I am in the business and want to help others with the knowledge I have gained at Ohio State to help others prevent disease in their crops.


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